About Palm Island Electric

Since 2009, Palm Island Electric has strived to improve the installation, and service standards in the electrical contracting industry, while providing an honest living to our employees, vendors and subcontractors. We take great pride in doing an outstanding job whether it’s on a high profile project that everyone will see or even a small task that will be covered over never to be seen again. We also strive to be as courteous, honest, and genuine as possible to all our customers, vendors, and subcontractors so we always have support if there are any problems.


Our top sources of business are repeat customers, and referrals from them. We nurture them by offering the same upfront honesty they have grown to expect. So many people are tired of being badgered by pushy salespeople. I give a realistic, affordable solution to the problem without all the up sells.


About Matt

Matt BrookerGrowing up in a family of building contractors, I decided to follow in their footsteps. I always wanted to work for myself and construction was in the blood.  Since there wasn’t an electrician in the family, I took my mother’s advice and chose the electrical trade, realizing I had a knack for it. I enrolled at United Technologies Center in Bangor, Maine and continued in their apprenticeship program. I started buying all my own equipment, studied in my free time and I just didn’t stop until I had my own company.


After more than nine years in the field and four years in the classroom I finally qualified to sit for the Master Electricians exams, and started Palm Island Electric Inc. in Venice, FL. Coming from a small town, Venice just felt like home. Offering the small town atmosphere with all the conveniences offered by a larger city. Additionally I was drawn to the waterfront as the coastal scene was my favorite thing about Maine.  I am feeling very good about my decision to locate in Venice and start my company. I haven’t seen a better place to grow and start a family.